Tristan Timblin's website

Software Engineer, focused on motion and interaction design for screens.

Currently @ Yext (prev Cohere)

Chronological Site List



Self | Personal photography site, that organizes my photos into collections. Made with Vue.js.

🛒 Big Lots Store Locator

Yext | Yext pages implementation. Search all Big Lots locations and pick your favorite store.

✈️ JTB Branch Locator

Yext | Yext pages implementation.

⛲️ uCity Lawn

Cohere | Bright and fun Vue application to share event information in the upcoming uCity Philadelphia community.

👩‍🎨 The Civic

Cohere | The first site built with the Cultivate templating application. Staticly generated site, with a JAMstack backend (do a speed test!). Built with Mike Medoro, and design by Randi Bellamy.


⚙️ Cultivate (In Dev)

Cohere | A text based dynamic website builder built with node.js. Cultivate componentize's workflow across client sites, and aims at transitioning our web services into a scalable product.

Company Page UX prototype

👨‍🔬 Interactive Labs (Beta)

Self | A collection of front-end demos visitors can browse through, made with Vue.js.

Staging Link

🐴 Urban Beer Hall

Cohere | Single page Wordpress site pulling data in from parent brand using Wordpress API.

👌🏼 Giuseppe & Sons

Cohere | Restaurant page designed by Avery Sohn.

🖋 Interactive architects design manifesto

Cohere | Lead page we used at conferences to promote Cohere's message to designers and architects. Created with Jekyll and handles user submission with webhooks.

🏬 Redevelopment effort in Brewerytown

Cohere | Vue.js application that sells one of the first new developments in the largely underutilized Brewerytown neighborhood. Designed by Randi Bellamy.

🏫 University of Pennsylvania Business Services Portfolio

Cohere | UX redesign to help present the universities many business departments more clearly. Final design by Randi Bellamy and Front-end by Mike Medoro

UX Prototype

🎹 Senior thesis on augmenting classical preformances with 3D using the Microsoft Hololens

Drexel University | Wordpress site on designing in 3D space.

🏭 Historic munitions R&D and production campus, redeveloped as industrial loft space

Cohere | Static page built with Brendan Russo

🏬 Upenn graduate student living

Cohere | Static one pager

🏚 Urban development portfolio

Cohere | Wordpress site


🎮 Teaser page for 3D games studio

Self | Animated coming soon page

🛠 Collaborative makerspace for creators

Cohere | Wordpress site led by Mike Medoro

📱 Friend's upcomming mobile game studio

Self | Animated coming soon page

🍱 A fine casual version of the amazing Double Knot restaurant in Philadelphia

Custom squarespace (yes, that's a thing) theme

💎 Online store for a boutique jewler

Cohere | Shopify

🏗 A large apartment complex in the Baltimore area

Cohere | A static page while the building is under construction. preview.gif

💃 Columbian inspired fashion brand

Cohere | Wordpress site preview.gif

👩🏻 Nonprofit organization empowering people to take action and support equal opportunity efforts.

Cohere | Wordpress site led by Tyler Jordan

💸 Economic development campaign for the city of Alexandria, that contributed to winning the 2018 Amazon HQ2 bid.

Cohere | Wordpress site preview.gif


🔪 Mad-lib style murder mystery game

Drexel University | Jekyll static generator


🐶 Ecommerce front-end for the countries first animal shelter

Drexel University | Jekyll static generator

Demo site